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To their surprise, the researchers found some 12,500 genes – the human being only about twice as many. This means that Dictyostelium could not only help to explain a number of issues related to the Cell Biology and evolution, but can also be used human genes human genes whose function remains unclear or the mutation results in diseases. The Dictyostelium genome was also found that the rich in protein bases of human diseases, in reality they are found to be more common than in any other sequenced genome of the. Understanding how the social amoeba could tolerate in a position this type of protein pave the way for new therapeutic approaches.

The DFG Executive Committee has the genome sequencing initiative launched in 1997 by genome research in Germany, the increase underdeveloped underdeveloped at the time. The Dictyostelium genome sequencing project was funded by the DFG since 1998. The DFG contributed a total of? 4 million in the project. The sequencing and analysis in Houston, Paris and Hinxton was carried out supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health in the U.S., the European Union and the UK Medical Research Council. DFG was financing financing decisions of these agencies.Many in this class of medicines being also in the development in several other issues, including renal failure in polycystic renal diseases, diabetic nephropathy, three hundred and seventy-one and treatment of depression.. More a subclass of vaptans a cell other another cell receptor site includes several medicines including mozavaptan, lixivaptan satavaptan and tolvaptan, any inducing of water lost without losing of salts, which many times accompanies different diuretics.

Non – peptide is arginine – vasopressin antagonist The The vaptans Guy Decaux, Alain Soupart, Gilbert Vassart, The Lancet, Vol 371.

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